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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

Blooming (2023)

Other name: 一念花开 心是莲花开 心是蓮花開 师兄总是要开花 師兄總是要開花 Xin Shi Lian Hua Kai Shi Xiong Zong Shi Yao Kai Hua Senior Brother Always Has to Blossom The Heart is a Lotus Flower Дорама Цветение


Zhao Tan Tan's senior brother has a magic flower on his forehead, and it will gradually bloom if he is emotional. The magic flower will fall into the devil's hand when it blooms. From then on, Zhao Tan Tan began the hard days of persuading his senior brother to recite more scriptures and be less emotional.Adapted from the novel "To Blossom" (师兄总是要开花) by Han Yi Shui (韩易水).

Country: Chinese

Status: completed

Released: 1970

Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Manhua Martial Arts Romance Web Series Wuxia

Blooming (2023) trailer:
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